Personalised Interactive Learning

At Integrow children get to choose the classes they like amongst a wide range of topics. Students also have the opportunity to engage with their teachers and peers simultaneously.

Increase your IQ

Integrow’s curriculum and classes help increase your child’s IQ by increasing multidimensional intelligence. Strict separation of subjects, without explaining how they are connected, prevent children from applying what they learn to real life situations.

Have Fun Learning

Through Integrow children enjoy the process of learning thereby helping them achieve success by becoming lifelong learners.


Online Classes



Integrow is an online learning platform for children who are looking to expand and grow their multidimensional intelligence and aptitudes. We help strengthen children’s understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts across varying arts and sciences.

What We Do.

We help children develop fundamental academic and life skills needed for them to effectively gather, reflect upon, understand, discuss, create and express ideas that are of value to them and to the world.

Why Choose Us?

Integrow operates on our multidimensional intelligence platform that supports an integrated community of learners and teachers.

In the future many tasks requiring data analysis and linear problem solving will be automated. The competitive job market will demand high creativity, multiple perspective approaches and collaborations, and it is our role as caretakers of the next generation to prepare children for these challenging work environments.

Children have unique personalities and varying intelligence that need to be nurtured and supported, rather than just standardized and optimized.


This is a very different approach to teaching in which kids are attending happily. My son is one of them. Kids usually give reasons to avoid going to school, but I see children wait for these classes to start and do not miss even a single day. Here they learn everything from arts to science and from music to sports.


Integrow comes as a blessing to us. We're sending our daughter where she learns art, science, math, music and mixed martial arts. The best part is that children are not taught, but they're oriented towards their specific hobby, their inner talent is nurtured and interest kindled. The methodology adopted is unique with special attention provided to every individual. I strongly recommend Integrow to everyone.


Integrow is run by a brilliant teacher. He is very good with kids and he focuses on imparting knowledge and information without any pressure.


The most important point I observed was how comfortable my daughter felt from day one with Sohail's method of teaching. He is very patient, attentive and systematic in his approach. He makes it a point to simplify the theory and scales up the class gradually depending on the student's comfort level. I feel really happy that my daughter enjoys the classes immensely and looks forward to it every day!”


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Office Address: Maruthi Layout, Kempe Gowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097
Phone Number: +91 9820990504
Email: [email protected]

Integrow School

Maruthi Layout, Kempe Gowda Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097

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